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Where a dog owner has a dog that is subject to epilepsy seizures, the owner must be able to get to the dog quickly to provide the necessary care to the animal. These seizures can be life threatening to the animal just as it is to the human population.

Because the dog owners are just as likely to be at work during the day time when a seizure occurs, the system must be capable of advising the owner when a seizure occurs.


The Vigil-Aide Canine Convulsion Monitor is now available to assist owners of dogs subject to Epilepsy seizures. The system enables a seizure to be notified to the owner within 20 to 30 seconds of the onset of the seizure.

DCT ASSOCIATES PTY LTD has designed an alarm that helps provide for the necessary urgent response when a convulsion occurs.

A Vibration Sensor is placed on the chest of the dog attached to a walking harness. It registers the commencement of a seizure after a short time delay and initiates an alarm which can be either audible, vibratory or visual (flashing light). This means the alarm is suitable for owners who are hearing impaired. The alarm system can be modified to incorporate a pager system, which can have either an audible or vibration alarm indication. One outstanding feature is the ability to have it connected to an auto-dialing system, which can call either a telephone pager, mobile phone or friends of the owner. This system is breakthrough technology in the care of those animals that have Epilepsy.

The convulsion sensing system has no wires or long cables.

The Vigil-Aide Canine alarm consists of two items, an alarm unit with power pack and a vibration detector.

The alarm is designed so that the audible alarm can be placed near where the owner is sleeping and it is activated by a radio signal from the vibration detector which is located on the chest of the dog. De[pending on the alarm output required, additional add on devices can be supplied with this alarm unit.

The vibrating detector is the main feature and is heart of this particular VIGIL-AIDE product. It consists of a battery powered sensor unit worn on the chest of the dog that detects vibrations in the animal caused by the seizure. The alarm unit has a built in time delay that can be adjusted from about 1 second to 45 seconds before the alarm is activated.

Because dogs are very active animals, the movement detector incorporates attitude sensors that help to dampen the affects of the dog moving about while running or jumping. It does not completely eliminate signals being generated but reduces their influence.

.The time delay in the alarm unit is also used to remove any of these signals that might be generated by the dog's movements.

The tremendous peace of mind this product delivers makes it well worth the investment.




Generally two weeks after placement of order.


Simple installation required.

Complete installation information is supplied with the alarm.


The alarm is purchased outright.

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Last updated: 03rd March 2001

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