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Where carers are looking after people with epilepsy, the carer must assist the person very quickly in case of a fit. In some cases, if the person is not attended to very quickly, the result can be life threatening.

Parents who have children with epilepsy can go through traumatic experiences if they find their child having an attack.


The Vigil-Aide Convulsion Monitor is now available to assist carers of people with Epilepsy and other afflictions that have convulsions associated with them. The urgent need for attention the cared for requires when they are suffering from a convulsion is critical. With this urgent need in mind DCT ASSOCIATES PTY LTD has designed an alarm that helps provide for the necessary urgent response when a convulsion occurs.

A Vibration Monitor registers the commencement of a seizure after a short time delay and initiates an alarm which can be either audible, vibratory or visual (flashing light). This means the alarm is suitable for carers who are hearing impaired. The alarm system can be modified to incorporate a pager system, which can have either an audible or vibration alarm indication. One outstanding feature is the ability to have it connected to an auto-dialing system, which can call either relatives or emergency services using the non message pager system operated by one of the telecommunication authorities. This is breakthrough technology in the care of those with Epilepsy.

The alarm system generally has no wires or long cables that need to be attached making unobtrusive and it is very simple to use.

The Vigil-Aide Convulsion Monitor range now consists of four different models:

The detector is small and is supplied in a pouch, which is easily attached to the bed of the person being monitored using Velcro strips. It can be installed on any type of bed therefore keeping the costs down. There is no need to have a special bed with this alarm.

The Vigil-Aide consists of two items, an alarm unit with power pack and a vibration detector.

The alarm is designed so that the audible alarm can be placed near where the carer is sleeping and it is activated by a radio signal from the vibration detector which is located with the person being cared for. The alternative is for the carer to have the pager unit detailed above.

The vibrating detector is the main feature and is heart of this particular VIGIL-AIDE product. It consists of a battery powered sensor unit that detects vibrations in the bed caused by the seizure. The alarm unit has a built in time delay which can be adjusted from about 1 second to 45 seconds before the alarm is activated. This enables the vibration detector to be placed anywhere on the bed and the vibrations must be maintained for say a minimum of 4 seconds before the alarm is activated. The alarm would then not be activated in situations such as being knocked by a pillow or blanket.

The tremendous peace of mind this product delivers makes it well worth the investment.




Generally two weeks after placement of order.


Simple installation required.

Complete installation information is supplied with the alarm.


The alarm can be purchased outright or can be rented over a 12 month or 24 month period with a residual at the end of the rental period.


Dear Sir,

I trialled the anti convulsion unit to assist me in being alerted to my daughter's seizures. (She is three years old)

The prototype I tried was found to be cumbersome and I inquired if it was possible to have the same unit but smaller.

This was achieved and the anti convulsion device measure approximately 7 cms by 4 cms. We have ourselves enclosed it in a leather pouch and placed a band on it so it attached very much like a watch. I have found the device to be of great benefit as now I can be alerted to the seizures.

From my own personal view point, I would recommend that anyone with similar seizures could benefit from the anti convulsion uniy


Name and Address available.

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