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Where children suffer from the problem of bed wetting, many problems can be caused in the family situation.



DCT ASSOCIATES PTY LTD has come up with a solution to an age old problem. Bed wetting by children can be a frustrating problem to solve. We have come up with a solution that is tried and tested. It is completely new approach .

This system is a combination of a new alarm unit that is high tech in nature and a management system to assist the parents in the curing of the problem. Part of the management system is an analysis of the child food and fluid inputs.

The system requires no exercises, no drugs and is required to be used at night. In most cases, after the first couple of nights wet beds are a thing of the past. Cures are generally achieved in a period of around 6 weeks.

However, as with any system working on the human body, there is a level of failure but by using the approach detailed in the management program, the reason for failure can be determined.

The Staydry Continence Monitoring System has had success where all other attempts to remedy the problem have failed. This product reduces the embarrassment and frustration of this age old problem.




Generally within a couple of days of placing order.


The alarm is not purchased but is rented over a 6 week program.

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We found the alarm quite useful because it focused us on the times our 7 year old son wet the bed. It also helped him to link his bedwetting with certain foods he ate.

The real breakthrough came when we made a concerted effort to include more calcium in his diet. More hot milk, diary products, a calcium supplement and honey made a difference almost immediately. On the second night , he woke himself to go to the toilet. For the rest of the week, he was either waking himself or sleeping through without wetting the bed. The following week, we did not hear the alarm at all.

Since then, we have only had one wet night after a very long and tiring day.

The smile on our son’s face as he gets up dry each morning is a delight to see.

The alarm, the advice and valuable suggestions from Terence Cody do work. I would not hesitate to recommend them to others.


Jake ages 6 had been a bed wetter for most of his life having to wear disposable nappies at night. He was getting too big for the disposables and the nappy could not hold the volume of urine he was voiding.

This was the first system we had tried to help alleviate Jake’s bed wetting. Although the cost was slightly inhibiting, we were pleased that the system came with a money back guarantee and a provision for payment of the system was available.

During the first week, we had a few wet beds but once we became familiar with the placement of the detector strip, by the second week, he was only damp when the alarm sounded.

During the third and fourth weeks, there was only a few episodes of dampness. By week five, he was dry at night and able to hold his bladder capacity until he woke in the morning.

We would recommend the StayDry monitoring system. Thankyou.


The system has proven to be very effective in enabling my young son to remain completely dry overnight. Indeed, it has been so successful that we scarcely remember the difficult times we were negotiating before we attempted your system.

For the many months since employing the StayDry continence monitoring system, we have continued to enjoy the benefits not only from interrupted sleep, troublesome nappies and the like, but my son now has increased his personal confidence and self esteem, with the knowledge and ability to sleep or camp overnight with friends or school without embarrassing himself. He too is a much happier boy.

I have no hesitation in recommending this product to anyone who finds their child in a similar situation. Your are welcome to use this letter to promote this very effective system.


It is pleasing to report that our son Mitchell is dry after 4 to 5 weeks on the StayDry program and we believe he is over the bed wetting problem which has been a major part of his 9 year life.

We found the program simple to manage following your installation, the diet and urine analysis sheets quickly provided an insight into his food intollerances which were addressed as advised by you. Mitchell did not have a problem with the detection pads and alarm monitor. We were impressed with its simplicity and non invasiveness. Whilst Mitchell was diagnosed as a classic category 2 child, your program allowed us in a user friendly manner to look at bed wetting in another perspective and the positive results to date speak for itself.

We have no hesitation in recommending your program to any prospective client.


The following letter is written as a testimonial to the effectiveness of the StayDry Continence Monitoring System.

We are parents of an 11yr old girl with a genetic disorder known as Williams Syndrome. This disorder has manifested itself in a variety of ways both physical and intellectual, whether it has been a cause or complicating factor in our daughter’s bed wetting we are unsure, but we are certain of the results we have obtained from the StayDry system.

Whist our daughter has been dry during the day for quite a few years now, she was still wetting the bed every night a situation which created both work and frustration. We had attempted to limit the amount and timing of her fluid input as well as using an alarm system provided by another agency to stop bed wetting, but neither of these was effective. After discussing our situation with Mr. Cody of StayDry, we commenced using his program and found that within one week, we noticed a difference and within five weeks she was completely dry.

This system appears to be technologically superior to the other alarm system, less intrusive and more comfortable and StayDry appears to understand why bedwetting occurs and therefore how best to address the problem. This program has proven to be the answer to our problem and we recommend it without hesitation.


Our son has been a chronic bed wetter all his life (7 1/2 years). He has tried Tofranil on occasions with no success. He is an extremely heavy sleeper and has a small bladder capacity.

His bed wetting problem was turned around in three weeks.

During the first week, the alarm would go off 2 to 3 times per night and by the time he’d woken up, he’s wet the bed. By the end of the first week however, his bladder capacity has increased to 120 mls.

During the second week, we had a few problems where the alarm did not go off. This was due to inadequate cleaning of the detector strip. It did become evident that he was responding faster to the alarm.

By the third week, we were down to the alarm going off only once in the early hours of the morning. By the end of the third week, we experienced our first dry night. The next he was wet and has been dry since then (Approx 3 weeks now)

He was initially reluctant to go on the program. However, the promise to buy him his favourite Lego kit if he stuck it out won him.

He is now talking enthusiastically about his Grade 2 sleepover at school instead of finding reasons why he shouldn’t go. I am enjoying the rest from stripping and washing sheets and doonas every morning.

I would advise parents to begin the program during the holidays as the disrupted sleep can result in a cranky kid (and parents)

I have no trouble in recommending the program especially to others like us who have tried other methods and failed.

With thanks.


I am writing this letter in recommendation of the StayDry Continence Monitoring system and to any parents who may be seeking information relating to same and possibly harbouring doubts of the system based on price, effectiveness time etc.

Being a full time business proprietor, my time is limited and I too had doubts in relation to the program. My scepticism was brought about by the many ineffective methods tried over a two year period by my now 9 year old son to cease his bedwetting problem and with each failure, a lowering of his self worth. These methods ranged from the hiring of an alarm system, reward systems, a consulting specialist and abdominal scan at the local hospital, a Naturalist who treated my son with trigger point massage and finally acupuncture.

An advertisement in the Sunday mail of the StayDry System prompted me to inquire of yet another possible cure. Only this time, success was achieved, a success which has provided my son with a new lease on life. He now enjoys camping and sleep overs with friends and feels a real sense of achievement.

My son commenced the program on the 23rd December and became continent 6 weeks later with no relapse. During the first few weeks, his bladder capacity increased 100% and remained for the rest of the program. The standard alarm system appeared to be effective at first, however, it would wake him only after he had fully wet the bed and eventually he did not hear it at all. The change in diet also did not appear to have an effect. On consultation with Terence, we installed the siren. He loathed the noise from the start and after a week, he refused to have it on again, so rather than take him off the program, I placed him back on the standard alarm. From that day on, he woke during the night and took himself to the toilet which he proceeds to so to this day.

I believe the turning point for my son was the installation of the siren. He hated the siren so such an extent that his mind came into play and he woke normally when he needed to urinate. The StayDry System provides for incontinent children of all categories and by utilising the system you are able to identify which category your child comes under and act towards a continent child.

The system is not time consuming, does not interfere with holidays or weekends away as it is fully portable and help with the system is only a phone call away. I fully recommend the system to any parent of an incontinent child.

Last updated: 26th October 1999

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