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DCT Associates Pty Ltd has developed a high level of expertise in the design and development of specialised alarm systems to suit particular situations. These alarm systems improve the quality of life of the users and may reduce or eliminate the need to place people in institutional care such as in nursing homes.

The following are examples of systems developed.

The use of the vibrating alarm system activated by the Email system on a computer to enable a Deaf/Mute store man to be promoted to senior store man. This project required the client to forward the computer to D.C.T. Associates so that the interface requirements could be designed, manufactured and tested.

A recent alarm unit consisted of a central alarm unit receiving up to three different alarms, eg, FAX, Front Door Alarm, Emergency Calling Alarm and then activating a vibrating alarm unit.

The use of emergency calling alarms to enable people confined to bed to be able to call their partner anywhere in their home eliminated the need for the person to be placed in a retirement/nursing home.

Where an alarm application is required that is not covered by the examples discussed in these web pages, the first step is to contact D.C.T. Associates either by FAX or phone on national number 08 83371414 or international number 61 8 83371414 or send a letter via the Email facility below. Further discussions can be held to clarify the requirements of the client.

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Last updated: 26th October 1999

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