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People with a hearing disability but who can make use of a telephone either using an amplified telephone or a TTY system need to know when the telephone rings so that they can answer the call. Also, the need the ability to know when some one is at the front door.

The person would then suffer from an inability to communicate using modern technology that is designed to assist people with a hearing disability, an inability to know when some one is at the front door.

All in all, they would live isolated lives.


The advancement in technology associated with the use of communication equipment for the hearing impaired is staggering. DCT ASSOCIATES PTY LTD has taken that advancement one step further. The Vigil-Aide Vibrating Telephone Alarm is designed to work in conjunction with a standard telephone. The alarm function is to indicate the phone is ringing to people who have an a hearing impairment that prevents them from hearing their telephone. This impairment may not prevent them from using the phone or they may even use a Telephone Type Writer (TTY) to communicate.

There is no physical connection between the telephone and the alarm. The alarm picks up the sound of the telephone bells and causes a radio transmitter to operate signaling to a portable vibrating alarm unit worn by the end user. When the telephone rings, the alarm unit will vibrate on and off until the telephone is answered.

Incorporated in the alarm is a facility to include the connection of a press button front door alarm. When connected to the telephone unit, if the front door alarm button is pressed, the vibrating alarm unit operates once for two to three seconds. The different signals enable the user to determine whether the front door or the telephone is ringing.

The alarm has a range that will cover most suburban house blocks so that a hearing impaired person working in the garden will know if their telephone is ringing or someone is at the front door.

The alarm system comes supplied with a 16 hour battery reserve. The vibrating unit is designed to designed to be worn on a belt around a personís waist.

This product helps aid the feeling of independence for the hearing impaired person. Truly a tremendous step for hearing impaired communication equipment.




Generally two weeks after placement of order.


Virtually no installation activity required.

Complete instructions provided.


The alarm can be purchased outright or can be rented over a 12 month or 24 month period with a residual at the end of the rental period.

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